Chisenhale Gallery Create Residency 2014-16

British Art Show 8, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK. 13/02/16−08/05/16 (+ Tour 2016-17: Norwich, Southampton)

The Practice of Theories, Wysing Art Centre, Cambridge, UK.
14/02/16 – 10/04/2016
(Andrea Büttner, Ami Clarke, Andy Holden, David Osbaldeston, Yuri Pattison, Heather Phillipson, Takeshi Shiomitsu, Erica Scourti, Cally Spooner and David Toop.)

Grand Orpheus Highway, La Plage, Paris, FR. 04/12/15–11/01/16
(Iain Ball, Parker Ito, Yuri Pattison)

Transparencies, co-hosted by Bielefelder Kunstverein & Kunstverein Nürnberg, DE. 07/11/15 – 17/01/16 & 21/11/15 – 31/01/16
(Neïl Beloufa, Juliette Blightman, Ryan Gander, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, David Horvitz, Metahaven, Katja Novitskova, Yuri Pattison)

British Art Show 8, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, UK. 9/10/2015 – 10/01/2016
(+ Tour 2016-17: Edinburgh, Norwich, Southampton)

ENTER/EXIT, Kunsthalle Bern, CH. 29/11/15 2-6pm
(Film program and lecture by Steven Cairns, as part of "Open Ended Issues", with films by Rosa Aiello, Ed Atkins, Neïl Beloufa, Will Benedict and David Leonard, David Douard, Cécile B. Evans, Renaud Jerez, Josh Kline, Ken Okiishi, Yuri Pattison, Hito Steyerl, Martine Syms, Stewart Uoo.)

Home Works 7, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, LB. 11/11/15 - 24/11/15

Monopole Memory (w/ Cécile B. Evans), Der Würfel, Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin, DE. 16/09/15 - 07/11/15

ABJECTS, Import Projects, Berlin, DE. 18/09/15 - 24/10/15
(Eloise Bonneviot, Emily Jones, Paul Kneale, Yuri Pattison, Andrew Norman Wilson)

The Weight of Data, Tate Britain, London, UK. 18/05/15 - 25/10/2015
(Eloise Hawser, Katrina Palmer, Yuri Pattison, Charlotte Prodger)

save the data, Kunstpalais Erlangen, DE. 27/09/15 - 22/11/15
(Timo Arnall, Aram Bartholl, Viktoria Binschtok, Gregor Hildebrandt, Via Lewandowsky, Florian Meisberg, Yuri Pattison, Gebhard Sengmüller, Joep van Liefland, Yarisal & Kublitz)

Im Inneren Der Stadt, Künstlerhaus Bremen, DE. 18/07/15 - 11/10/15
(Auto Italia South East, James Bridle, Petra Cortright, Cécile B. Evans, Agatha Gothe-Snape, David Horvitz, Daniel Neubacher, Yuri Pattison)

mute conversation, online commission, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK. 2015

The Age of Earthquakes: A Guide to the Extreme Present, Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Penguin Books / Blue Rider Press.

Architectures of Credibility, Helga Maria Klosterfelde Edition, Berlin, DE. 01/05/15-27/06/15

HPSCHD 1969>2015, Xing/Live Arts Week, MAMbo, Bologna, IT. 21-26/04/15

Morphing Overnight, Seventeen, London, UK. 25/02/15 – 18/04/15

Screening (w/ Aleksandra Domanović, Oliver Laric, Magali Reus), MK Gallery Video Space, Milton Keynes, UK. 01-31/03/15

The Future of Memory, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, AT. 04/02/15 - 29/03/15
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1014 for Digital Voices (Patrick Coyle, Tim Etchells, Yuri Pattison and Tris Vonna-Michell), Oxford University Language Centre, Oxford, UK. 16/02/15 - 16/03/15

Evans, Kiessling, Loytved, Pattison, Pischel, Rücker
Helga Maria Klosterfelde Edition
, Potsdamer Str 97, Berlin, DE. 16/12/14 – 15/03/15

ALWAYS BRIAN, 63rd-77th STEPS, Bari, IT. 16-18/01/15

Private Settings, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, PL. 25/09/14 - 04/01/15
>Online catalogue here<

In Residence, flaggfabrikken, Bergen, NO. 14/10/14 - 11/11/14

Free Traveller, Cell Project Space, London, UK. 17/09/14 - 02/11/14

colocation, time displacement, /V\inibar /-\rtistspace, Stockholm, SE. 24/05/14-07/06/14

SNOW CRASH, Banner Repeater, London, UK. 02/05/14-29/06/14
Erica Scourti, Jesse Darling, Yuri Pattison, Tyler Coburn, Anna Barham, and Ami Clarke.

colocation, time displacement:
Online as part of Migrating Origins with Harry Sanderson, Temporary Arts Project, Southend, UK 07/04/14-07/06/14
In physical space @ The Telfer, Glasgow, UK 02/04/14-27/04/14

RELiable COMmunications, First Look: New Art Online, NEW MUSEUM, New York. from 04/03/14

RELiable COMmunications,, from 11/12/13 - 31/05/14

WYSIWYS, online from 31/03/14

Objectness, Norwich, UK. 01/12/13-21/12/13 OUTPOST Members Show 2013 selected by Peles Empire with Desmond Brett, Luc Fuller, Michael Horsley, Vera Kox, Joanne Masding, Yuri Pattison, Neil Rumming & Henna Vainio.

Grand Magasin – A project with Nat Breitenstein, French Rivera 1988, London, 30/11/13-15/12/13

Recluse Networking: The Workshop Day One, Standpoint Gallery, London, UK. 26/10/13

SPACE-TIME: CONVENTION T, Wysing Arts Center. 31/08/13
Occasionals and Supplement Gallery artists' screensavers for in-between spaces, with Aaron Angell, Hannah Black, Juliette Bonneviot, Alistair Frost, Kati Karki, Katja Novitskova, Lawrence Leaman, Yuri Pattison, Philomene Pirecki, Camilla Wills.

With work by Black Argos, Jennifer Bailey, Karen Cunningham, Rob Lye, Nicole Morris, Yuri Pattison, Oliver Smith.
Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh 03/08/13 & Malmö Konsthall, Sweden 17/08/13

A Submersible - location project April 2013
"Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia / 15 February 2013 - 8 March 2013"

SECONDO ANNIVERSARIO, SEVENTEEN, London, UK. 12/04/13 - 11/05/13 Paul Flannery, Cieron Magat, Yuri Pattison, Hannah Perry, Angelo Plessas, Silvain Sailly, Travess Smalley, Jasper Spicero. Curated by

GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan, IT. 22/03/2013 - 30/06/2013 Rhys Coren, Paul Flannery, Aude Pariset, Yuri Pattison, Lorenzo Senni, Travess Smalley, Priscilla Tea, Amalia Ulman. Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini

Lunch Bytes Platform

Open File III: Hash Fail . Grand Union, Birmingham, 14.12.12

P/N/10 Yuri Pattison polymer placeholder pin drop & L/B/7 George Henry Longly, Project/Number 28.09.12-14.10.12

The Making of , 19.09.12-29.10.12 | 18/09/2012 (PV 7pm - 11pm BST)

e ink pearl memory at Arcadia_Missa 27-29.07.12

Arcadia_Missa How to Sleep Faster 3 journal
& Arcadia_Missa HTSF ejournal 1

Poltergeist at FORT 17.05.12-18.07.12 Curated by Attilia Fattory Franchini

Faraday Cage at [SPACE] 15-18.03.12

focal-plane at Son Gallery, 07.12.11 - 11.02.12 . Reviewed in Frieze.